Host a Candle Party

How would you like to earn FREE CANDLES?

You can easily do so by hosting a virtual candle party.

Earn a FREE 8oz candle by hosting a party that makes $50 or more.

Earn a FREE 16oz candle for every party your guest book from your show.

IN ADDITION to the FREE CANDLES, you can also earn 10% of your shows total sales (excluding taxes and shipping) in store credit. Offer not redeemable for cash.  All credit must be used at the end of the party.

Contact us at to let us know what day you would like your party to start, along with the amount of time you want it to last (7 to 14 days). Be sure to add your name, address, and phone number in the email. Once we receive your email, we’ll respond with your online party code and a link to our website. You can advertise your candle party by means such as Facebook, email, and all other social media platforms.

Your guest will place orders through our website, placing your online party code in the comments section of their order. Guests pay normal shipping or delivery fees. (Local guests also have the option for free local pickup). Once a guest order is paid in full, we will process and send out their order, even before the party is over!

You DO NOT need to be local to our area to participate. We ship throughout the USA!

Enjoy shopping from the comfort of your own home while helping support a small business.

Once a party closes, you can open another one! You can book as many parties as you like to keep earning unlimited candles!